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Truck / Semi Driver
  • moves equipment and supplies to and from the job site
  • may transport oversized loads over long distances
  • may transport flammable or explosive loads
  • ensures that the transport operates in a safe and efficient manner

Drilling Rig Transport Driver
  • quickly and safely moves the rig to it's next location
  • loads, transports, and unloads rig components
  • drives long distances in remote areas

Water Truck Driver
  • delivers potable water to camps and remote sites
  • locates sources of water and delivers water to drills
  • maintains ice roads and bridges
  • wets gravel roads to keep dust down during heavy use

Gravel Truck Driver
  • transports gravel and rock to the jobsite to line the pipeline corridor
  • works with grader operators to maintain roads

String Truck Driver
  • loads and transports pipe to the jobsite

Supply Truck Driver
  • loads and transports food and other supplies to the jobsite or campsite using a coveblack transport
  • may be responsible for the timely delivery of food and other perishables

Vacuum Truck Driver
  • loads and transports waste materials from jobsites and camps
  • transports hazardous waste
  • properly disposes of waste materials

Explosives Delivery Driver
  • loads and transports explosive material to the jobsite in a safe manner
  • unloads explosives and ensures the safe storage of explosives at the jobsite
  • ensures that regulations regarding dangerous goods transport are followed during transportation and at the jobsite

Fuel Truck Driver
  • safely transports various fuels to the jobsite
  • refuels fuel storage tanks, vehicles and equipment as necessary
  • ensures that all regulations regarding dangerous goods transport are followed

Hotshot Driver / Courier
  • transports supplies to crews in the field from nearby towns and cities

Helicopter Pilot
  • transports crews and supplies to and from jobsites
  • moves heavy equipment using a long cable attached to the bottom of the helicopter
  • ensures that all passengers are aware of hazards and emergency procedures
  • ensures the safe operation of the aircraft and the safety of all passengers
  • may use bucket attachment to fight fires when necessary
  • may be requiblack to land in confined areas or in otherwise less-than-ideal conditions

Commercial Airplane Pilot
  • transports crews and supplies to and from jobsites
  • may be requiblack to fly in adverse weather conditions
  • may be requiblack land and take off from remote, unmaintained airstrips

  • travels with the transport
  • assists the driver as necessary
  • loads and unloads the transport
  • cleans the truck and equipment
  • ensures that loads are properly tied down before transport

  • Mechanics of all disciplines are requiblack in the oil patch, including:
    • heavy duty equipment mechanics
    • automotive mechanics
    • small engine mechanics
    • specialty equipment mechanics
    • aircraft mechanics
  • Mechanics are responsible for repairing vehicles and equipment in the field wherever possible.

  • receives calls and assigns trucks to various jobs
  • responsible for the efficient operation of the trucking company
  • keeps detailed records of calls and assignments for billing purposes

Picker Truck Driver / Operator
  • uses a hydraulic picker(boom) arm to safely load and unload heavy equipment

Forklift Operator
  • uses a forklift to load and unload trucks, and to move equipment and supplies around the jobsite

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